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2007-2013-2019-2024 "Remarkable Garden" label

The "Remarkable Garden" label was established in 2004. It indicates to the general public the gardens whose design, plants and maintenance are of a remarkable level, whether they are private or public, protected or not as monuments or sites. It is awarded for 5 years on the proposal of regional commissions under the aegis of the D.R.A.C.

The Arboretum of the Castle of Neuvic of Ussel is one of the rare parks of Limousin having this label which requires the excellence: 453 parks and gardens, public or private benefit from it.

2018 Registration as an Historic Monument

The protection as an historic monument is a legislative device of public utility based on principles of scientific analysis.

"The domain of the Chateau de Neuvic d'Ussel is of sufficient historical and artistic interest to make its preservation desirable as an estate created in the 1830s whose park is one of the rare representatives of the agricultural landscape parks of the mid-19th century due to the quality of its composition and its state of conservation."
July 2, 2018 - The Prefect of the Region

2008 "Remarkable Tree of France" label

The A.R.B.R.E.S association gathers the enthusiasts of remarkable trees in France. Its objective is to protect, safeguard and promote research on them, as well as to raise awareness of the heritage value of trees.

This label was awarded to the arboretum for its numerous remarkable trees, nearly 200 years old.

2014 Pictet Prize "Garden-Heritage" and La Demeure Historique

Press release of 28/11/2014

“The Arboretum of the Chateau de Neuvic d’Ussel received the Pictet-Heritage Garden award on November 28, 2014, during the congress of the association la Demeure Historique. The jury distinguishes the management plan that plans the sustainability and restoration of this private arboretum, highlighting this tourist site whose quality recognized by many labels is a factor of attractiveness for the Haute-Corrèze.”

Banque Pictet

The Pictet et Compagnie bank, founded in 1805, is today one of the leading independent asset management banks in Europe. The Pictet Group has always supported initiatives aimed at promoting the preservation and perpetuation of heritage.

Logo Demeure historique

The association La Demeure Historique

Founded in 1924, and recognized as a public utility in 1965, La Demeure Historique's mission is to help its members to safeguard, manage and enhance private historic monuments in their diversity and completeness, including their environment (parks and gardens).

2012 IESA (Institut Supérieur des Arts) VMF Prize

L’IESA arts&culture is a private higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It trains students and professionals in the art and culture market.

"L’Institut Supérieur des Arts awards its 2012 prize to Mrs d'Ussel for her contribution to the preservation of the historical heritage of the park of the Château de Neuvic d'Ussel and its promotion of tourism."

2011 VMF Prize – Corrèze

Created in 1958 by Anne de Amodio and recognized as a public utility in 1963, the VMF association has been dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of built and landscape heritage for nearly 60 years

"As part of its actions to promote the heritage of the Corrèze, the delegation of VMF-Corrèze has awarded its 2011 prize to the Arboretum of the Château de Neuvic d'Ussel. The recent embellishment of this domain and its opening to the public prolong a secular action carried out since its creation in the 19th century" François Delooz Delegate VMF-Corrèze.